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your to do list:

1:) masturbate
2:) masturbate
3:) masturbate
4:) masturbate
5:) masturbate

your supposed to be doing list:

1:) drink water
2:) drink water
3:) drink water
4:) drink water
5:) drink water

Always love Katie’s heterodox takes.
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I’ve been accused of transphobia a few times today and when I asked one person for evidence, they sent me back this. Maybe I’m (cw: ableist expression) blind, but I don’t see it.

This guy.
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I genuinely feel like St. Louis Cardinals baseball for the most part is a family tradition. I know some people have strayed away. Who got you onto Cardinals baseball? Let’s get into the history of everyone!

They’re right.

There is no one way to BE a man.

But there are two ways NOT to be a man.
There’s no one way to be a man.

Men who get their periods are men.

Men who get pregnant and give birth are men.

Trans and non-binary men belong.

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“the CIA is something that we should all not only cherish, but be saying thank you for every single day.”

impossible to listen to this guy for 5 seconds without snort laughing

Verifying myself: I am hamdancer on To_ui118_Jej6CgNtD0jeM_CkBHBOWNnZLbU /

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We must stop this madness.
Trump is making it so criminals and gangs can print their own guns at home.
We can’t allow for the spread of these dangerous plans
Help stop this at or you can scan this image


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